Hospitals are sanctuaries for doctors and nurses, who are conducting life-saving procedures, and patients seeking for healthcare. As patients may harbour potentially dangerous illnesses, hospital hallways, waiting areas and consultation rooms are breeding grounds for drug-resistant viruses, pathogens, airborne diseases, etc.
CleanHero offers professional deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services for hospitals and clinics who value the lives that walk through their doors.



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Our With daycare cleaning service from CleanHero, you know that you’ll be left with a clean space that is kid-safe.

We Know Daycare Centers & Preschools. At CleanHero, we never use “take-for-granted” approach to our daycare cleaning services. Instead, our technicians are all trained to provide the best methods for cleaning daycare-specific spaces, including kid-friendly strategies for keeping your daycare spotless and safe.

We Offer Kid-Friendly Disinfection. Our kid-friendly disinfectant makes it easy to eliminate germs, bacteria, and odors in your daycare. This cleaning process uses an eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant to knock out 99.99% of dangerous bacteria and viruses on contact. Thanks to our advance equipment, the mist can practically clean any surface, including toys, play equipment, bathroom fixtures, and even fibrous surfaces like carpeting.

We Improve Air Quality. CleanHero daycare cleaning services rely on HEPA-filter ProTeam vacuums. These high-suction vacuums trap particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter, helping keep dust and irritating particles out of the air.

We Clean Smarter. CleanHero daycare cleaners use color-coded microfiber materials for cleaning. Microfiber is proven to trap higher rates of dirt, dust, and germs when cleaning. By color-coding our materials based on the rooms they are used in, we prevent cross-contamination in your daycare.

We Know Bathrooms. Our cleaners give extra attention to high-touch and high-bacteria-risk areas when cleaning bathrooms. This reduces the risk of bacterial transfer from person to person.

We Work Around Your Needs. Your daycare will receive a cleaning plan that includes custom scheduling around your hours of operation, specialty cleaning for your facility’s floors, and any other special requests you may have.

We Meet All OSHA Standards. Our daycare cleaning services will help ensure your facility is fully compliant with all OSHA regulations.

We Guarantee Our Cleanings. With CleanHero daycare and preschool cleaning services, your satisfaction is guaranteed after every cleaning. If you spot any issues after a cleaning, simply let us know and we’ll fix the problem within one business day. If not, you receive your next standard cleaning at no charge.

Our technicians can custom clean your daycare center or preschool such as:

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning in playrooms, classrooms, eating areas, bathrooms, hallways, teacher’s lounges etc.
  • Upholstered seating made of fabric, leather, and leather, etc.
  • Spot treating carpet for daycare accidents
  • Protect and/or deodorize carpet and upholstery to help clean after accident-prone kids

What more can I do to protect myself and others?

It is crucial to follow best practice when it comes to sanitization and disinfection of surfaces, especially in highly populated enclosed spaces such as your daycare center. Scientists believe the virus can survive on surfaces anywhere from a few hours to several days. Surfaces suspected of being infected should be cleaned with disinfectant to kill the virus and reduce the potential harm to yourself and others. But which practice is best?


The practice of disinfecting involves destroying or deactivating disease-causing bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Disinfecting is preferred for treating surfaces at a higher risk of contamination.


Sanitizing will generally only reduce the number of bacteria on surfaces to acceptable levels and is ineffective against some viruses. Sanitizing is generally considered effective enough for low risk situations.

A job best left to the professionals

Quality and experienced professional cleaners are trained and equipped to applying best practices to disinfection and sanitization of surfaces suspected of – or at risk of – contamination resulting from Coronavirus.  A reputable professional cleaning company will have protocols in place to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines issued by the Malaysian Government and the World Health Organisation. This is especially crucial in workplaces such as shared offices and other close-quarters workplaces, given the highly transmissible nature of the virus.

CleanHero’s experienced and dedicated team of professional cleaners can assist in keeping your premises appropriately sanitized and disinfected, ensuring the safety of your patrons and helping you to do your part to reduce the spread of the outbreak. Whether it be an office, clinic, studio, retail premises or larger-scale commercial site, our experienced professional cleaners are here for you.


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