In CleanHero, we provide fabric cleaning service directly at your place. There is no need for you to bring the carpets to our place or face road congestion.

Our cleaning technician undergoes strict training and follows the modules that have been recognized by international bodies such as IIRC and WoolSafe. This training included the knowledge about the type of fabric, sciences, cleaning, type of dirt and the proper way of cleaning.

We used our special cleaning machine engine that has been imported from Europe and the United States of America. CleanHero uses current technology to ensure the best quality and eco-friendly.

Detergent that we used is not harmed to the baby, children, pregnant women, pets, and adults. This process also will not effect your home area or offices. Your fabric now becomes more cheerful and clean back.


We will take care of every dirty (spot & stain), from the dirt because of urine, inks, rust, coffee spills, drinks such as syrup to sweat and blood. Each impurity is treated with a safe special detergent and being recognized internationally.

In addition, CleanHero also treats the impurity of urine whether from animal or human. Other waste such as vomiting also can be treated. This stench is treated with our specially formulated detergent to remove the odor of animal and human waste. This formula contains enzymes that will digest the resulting odor and then be absorbed into our machines.

From our research, we create a special system that can treat the stench that is usually hidden in the fabric. This machine can absorb deeper compare to others machine in the market. High pressure is given during the process of absorb to ensure the stench can be removed.