This minimum fee is charged because there is a minimum cost that the company needs to bear when running the cleaning service at the customer’s premises.

Cleaning service is done at customer’s address. We bring cleaning equipments and our specialties to your place.

No. Your fabric will not dry out immediately because our laundry techniques use water and special cleaning materials as recommended by the international body (IICRC). Your fabric will be about 15% wet after washing.

No. Our laundry technique does not require customer’s car cushion to be detached. Our policy also stated that we do not remove our customer’s car seat for cleaning.

On average, it is estimated around 2-3 hours for fabrics to be totally dried out. Customers are advised to allow a good airflow by turning on the fan, opening the windows or turning on the air conditioner.

CleanHero adheres to standards set by the international regulatory body (IICRC). Our technique uses water and cleaning agents which will cause the fabrics to be wet. The water will be vacuumed together with dirt using a special machine supervised by the Carpet Rug Institute (Seal of Approval – Extractor & Vacuum). This technique will not stain your living room.

We can only guarantee an improved & fresher look to your fabrics.

No problem, as long as there is water & electricity sources at the parking area. Also don’t forget to ask your building’s management permission.

CleanHero strongly emphasizes on quality aspects. We only use premium grade cleaning agents that are proven effective and recognized at international level. In addition, CleanHero’s cleaning crew are intensively trained periodically using international modules (IICRCWoolSafe and TruckMount Academy).

Stains such as urine, vomit, blood, ink, paint, printer toner, squid ink, crude oil, grease etc are specific impurities that cannot be removed using ordinary alkaline detergent. CleanHero uses specialized but safe cleaning agents to remove such kind of stains on your fabrics.

There is no guarantee that impurity can be removed 100%. CleanHero has followed the strict procedure from international bodies such as IICRC in the process of this cleaning. There is no cleaning’s company can give guarantee 100% that impurity can be removed because it’s violated the ethic that is set by IICRC . We tried our best to ensure your fabric become beautiful and fragrant back.

No. We used a standard set by international bodies such as IICRC and WoolSafe . There is no need to use a steam machine during the process of cleaning. The use of the word of steam that widely uses in the United States of America just for a marketing purpose. In reality, during the cleaning process just only use hot water. However, the use of detergent at room temperature can also give a good effect on dirt with modern technology.

Currently, only a few branches have hot steam machines which are used for disinfection and pest. You need to inform this matter during the booking process.

For commercial carpet washing, we need to do a site visit as these are the standards that IICRC has set up to ensure our quality. This site visit process helps us to obtain information such as carpet type, type of dirt, cleaning condition and size of cleaning area. It is important to determine the best cleaning method such as the type of detergent, machine type and how much workforce is required.

Leather cleaning is the process of removing stubborn oily dirt from your leather grain and make it look fresher and softer. Leather restoration is a process of repairing the leather surface due to cat scratch, minor torn or irremovalbe ink.

It depends on the severity of the damage. We can’t guarantee it will be like new but there will be appearance improvement.