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difference between deep cleaning & maintenance cleaning

AspectDeep CleaningMaintenance Cleaning
PurposeRestore fabric item to a nearly new state by removing deep-seated dirt and tough stainPrevent excessive dirt buildup, maintain good apperance and keep fabric fresh
FrequencyUpholstery: Every 12-18 months Carpet: Every 12 monthsUpholstery: Every 3-6 months Carpet: Every 2-3 months
Cleaning DepthThoroughly removes embedded soil, body oils, tough stain and odor up to few milimeters depthOnly remove surface dust, dirt, allergens and light stain to maintain color and apperance.
ProcedureWet wash, rinsing and extractionEncapsulated fast dry detergent
Allergen RemovalVery effectiveEffective

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A maintenance cleaning typically includes of dry vacuum, Apply detergent to kill the virus protein. Thoroughly brushing using microfiber towel/pad. The soil will be pickup-ed by the towel/ pad. Lastly, steam the upholstery to ensure all germs, viruses and bacteria are eliminated.

The frequency of the cleanings should be 6 to 12 months.

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