Deep Cleaning of Banquet Chairs at an Event Venue

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The cleanliness and comfort of event venues are important factors in ensuring the success of any event. This client was facing a challenge with their heavily stained banquet chairs that were used for various events and programs. The management team was concerned about the chairs’ appearance and hygiene and was considering replacing them, which would have been a significant expense. This case study outlines the challenges we faced, the solutions we provided, and the results we achieved through our deep cleaning process.

Project Background​

The venue is a Non-Government Organization located in Putrajaya.. It also caters various events and programs, including seminars, workshops, and lectures. The venue’s management team takes pride in providing a clean and comfortable environment for their clients. However, the banquet chairs used for the events had become heavily stained over time due to frequent use and lack of proper maintenance.

Challenges​ faced

The main challenge we faced was the extent of the staining on the chairs. The chairs had not been deep cleaned for a long time and had accumulated dirt, food and beverage spills, and other stains. The stains were so stubborn that regular cleaning methods did not work. The management team was concerned that they might have to replace the chairs, which would have been a significant expense.

Our Solution

We conducted a demo cleaning session to show the management team the effectiveness of our deep cleaning process. We used a combination of hot water extraction and chemical treatment to remove the stains and dirt. The demo session was successful, and the management team agreed to proceed with our service. We deployed three teams of two technicians each to clean the 270 banquet chairs. The cleaning process took eight hours to complete.

The Results

While the team was unable to remove all of the stubborn stains on the banquet chairs, the cleaning process greatly reduced their appearance, and hygiene was guaranteed. The chairs looked noticeably cleaner and more presentable after the deep cleaning, and the client was satisfied with the outcome. The management team commended us for the quality of the service and the professionalism of our technicians, and appreciated that we completed the job on time with minimal disruption to their operations

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