Floor Restoration for Limestone Tile at a Resort

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Our team recently completed a major project at a resort, where we were tasked with restoring the floors made of limestone tile. The project was extensive, covering a total area of 23,128 square feet, and required the effort of three teams of two technicians each, working for a duration of 8-10 days.

Project Background​

The resort is located in a beautiful coastal area of Malaysia, catering to guests seeking a luxurious, relaxing vacation experience. It offers a range of amenities and services, including multiple dining options, spa treatments, and various outdoor activities. The limestone tile floors, which cover a significant portion of the resort, contribute to the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that guests expect from such a high-end establishment.

Challenges​ faced

Upon arriving at the resort for a cleaning demo, we quickly realized that the limestone tile floors were heavily stained and had never been properly cleaned or maintained. The client had originally requested a simple floor cleaning service, but it was evident that the condition of the floors required more extensive restoration work. The biggest challenges we faced during the project were moisture defects and efflorescence, which had caused the floors to become uneven and develop an unattractive, mottled appearance.

Our Solution

Our team started by sweeping the floors and then began the process of leveling to remove any lippage, which is unevenness between adjacent tiles. We then honed the floors to resurface the limestone, which eliminated the stains and restored the floor to its original smooth finish. After cleaning the floors thoroughly, we applied a high-quality sealer to protect them from future damage. The use of a premium sealer was important in preventing the efflorescence from recurring and also protected the floor from spills and scratches.

The Results

The results of the project were impressive. The floors had a renewed, polished look that added to the overall elegance of the resort. The use of high-quality products and our experienced technicians ensured that the restoration work would last for many years to come. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, stating that the floors looked even better than when they were first installed. Our team received high praise for their attention to detail and their commitment to completing the project on time and within the specified budget.

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