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Benefits of Carpet for Your Office

Are you moving to a new office? Thinking of renovating your current workspace? Installing carpet flooring in your office doesn’t just make your office appear professional and visually pleasing. With many other benefits to carpet floors, you have an opportunity for a better work environment when you decide to install carpet for your office. 

Increase physical safety

Accidents can happen outside of our control, which makes it important to minimize the risk. For accidents in the office, this can be mitigated with carpet floorings. Carpets provide friction to provide more stability when walking, therefore reducing the risk of falling, slipping, and tripping. If accidents do occur, the carpet acts a cushion to soften the blow of the fall which results in lesser damage.

Sound insulation

Noise is one of the most common complaints brought up by employees working in open office settings which commonly average at 60-65 decibels according to this article. Noise from other people’s conversations is distracting and in general, adds to employees’ stress when it is not controlled. With noise-cancelling headphones, it helps control the noise level in the office however, not all employees find it ideal to use headphones for 8 hours straight.

With carpet floorings, noise is absorbed instead of reflected as it is with hard floor surfaces. When carpet absorbs sounds, it creates a workspace with fewer distractions. Tapi, a carpet company in the UK states that carpets reduce the sound of footsteps by 25-34 decibels.

Better health quality

Carpets trap air pollutants, dust, and allergens in your office between its fibers. This prevents your employees from inhaling and getting into contact with these harmful particles. With routine professional cleaning for your office carpet, having a carpet proves to be beneficial for the health of your employees. 

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