The Complete Guide to Office Carpeting

Carpets are a popular choice for businesses of varying industries. With major benefits, carpeting adds great value to the vibe, appearance, and comfort of commercial spaces. However, choosing the right office carpet can be overwhelming. Choices are abundant in terms of colours and materials. We’ve prepared a quick guide to help you pick the right carpet.  

Office Carpet Types

Carpet tiles

Suppliers typically sell carpet tiles in square and rectangular sizes. However, other shapes like hexagon are also becoming more common. Carpet tiles are growing in popularity. This is due to the affordable cost and low installation difficulty.

It is much easier to maintain carpet tiles compared to wall to wall carpets. To replace them, you need to lift the attached carpet tile in the damaged area. With wall to wall, you have to replace the entire carpet when an area is beyond repair. Furthermore, carpet tiles readily come with carpet backing. They are adhesives that help stick carpet tiles to the floor.

Architects use carpet tiles to help customers navigate the commercial space. Moreover, you can use different colours of carpet tiles to differentiate the areas. With technological advancements, the newer generation of carpet tiles can be custom made. This feature is important for those that prioritize design on a budget. 

Wall to wall carpet

Broadloom or wall to wall carpets is the more luxurious choice. They provide design versatility and better comfort.

The design possibilities are limitless. The manufacturing of wall to wall carpets occurs in long, wide rolls. It typically covers the floor surface from one wall to another, as the name suggests. However, that’s not always the case. You have the choice of mixing two different carpets. Additionally, you can also pair a piece of carpet with another flooring type like hardwood.

This situation applies to separating the different sections of a room. It is best to use darker colours or hard floors for areas with higher traffic volume. These two aspects allow for easier maintenance.

Additionally, you can get custom made carpet according to your existing furniture and branding visuals. With wall to wall carpets, you can choose different types of backing. Custom carpet backings provide better comfort through a superior underfoot feel. For further info, you can read here.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Carpet Colours

The colour of your office carpet sets the mood for your room. It affects people’s emotions, behaviour, and even productivity. Here’s a breakdown of how specific colours cause reactions.  

  • Red – Motivates employees to be more active. However, it can also cause irritation and aggression. 
  • Yellow – Depending on the intensity, yellow can come off too bright, hence causing disorientation or too pale, causing the room to look cheap. 
  • Blue – A calming colour that is usually associated with reliability, loyalty, and trustworthiness.
  • Pink – Reduces drive and energy.
  • Brown – Signifies strength, endurance, and stability. 

It may be best to choose a more neutral colour like nude and beige. With these colours, you can play with the more vibrant and exciting colours through pieces of furniture and little intricacies.

For frequently used areas and those that tend to get dirty, darker colours are the better choice. Therefore, the dirt and stain can blend into the floor. This will make them less visible. Moreover, break rooms where coffee and food are likely to be spilled can also benefit from dark colours.





Carpet Construction

Cut piles

The construction of cut piles exposes the ends of the carpet fibres. Compared to loop piles, this style tends to be softer to the touch. Cut pile carpet contains a twist which increases its durability by resisting matting and crushing.

Loop piles

Loop pile carpets are manufactured in loops. They vary in weights and thickness. When selecting this style, the tighter the loops, the higher the lifespan of the carpet. Loop piles are great for high traffic areas.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Office Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

This paragraph highlights what you need to do after purchasing and installing your office carpet. To maintain the original softness and cleanliness of your carpet, you must hire professional cleaners.

CleanHero’s commercial carpet cleaning service guarantees your satisfaction with free re-cleaning when we fail to meet your expectations. Additionally, our price match policy guarantees you the lowest price quote in the market.

The frequency of deep cleaning depends on the level of use. Professionals  recommended deep cleaning your commercial carpet every: 

  • 1-2 month for high traffic areas like entrances and hallways 
  • 2-3 months for medium traffic areas like administrative offices 
  • 6 months for low traffic areas like conference rooms

Apart from this, businesses must conduct everyday/weekly cleaning and vacuuming. Proper and frequent cleaning ensures the maximum lifespan of your carpet.

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