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Unhygienic Workplace Habits You Need to Stop Doing

This article states that low hygiene caused more than 1 in 10 employees to feel their health is jeopardized. Read more to find out which workplace habits are resulting in poor hygiene at your office.
Photo by Helena Sollie on Unsplash

1. Eating at your desk

Sometimes your workload gets heavy and with deadlines just around the corner, you opt to eat at your work desk instead of eating your lunch in the designated breakroom or going to a nearby restaurant. While you think eating at your desk is beneficial for your work, it can cause bacteria and germs to accumulate on your desk surface and computer keyboard from fallen crumbs and improperly cleaning your desks after.You should spend your lunch break elsewhere as it does not only help you maintain the cleanliness of your workspace but gives you a chance to stretch and have some fresh air before continuing your work.

2. Coming to work sick

Many of you are guilty of coming to work while sick because you want to save your ‘leave’ privilege for true emergencies or maybe you’ve taken too many absences. According to the authorities, you are most contagious within the first 3 – 4 days of being sick, and you can infect someone within 6 feet of you. As social distancing are not always possible, this creates the possibility of everyone in the office to get sick.

3. Sneezing/coughing without covering your mouth and nose

Some employees have a bad habit of not covering their mouth and nose when they cough and sneeze. These respiratory droplets fall onto surfaces and enter the air, making the people around you vulnerable to bacteria, germs, and viruses. Be a responsible employee and use tissues or cover your mouth and nose with your elbows instead. If you cover your mouth and nose with your hands, make sure to wash them immediately with soap.

4. Not washing your hands after using the toilet

Though this is a no brainer, some people neglect to wash their hands with soap after using the toilet. When you flush the toilet, urine and feces particles can get in the air and land on the surfaces of the bathroom. Your hands will get in contact with any of these surfaces which is why it is so important for you to wash your hands.

5. Touching your face with your hands

Your hands are probably the dirtiest part of your body; they touch everything and you don’t necessarily know what you touching. Then, you rest your face on your hands, bite your nails, and rub your cheeks, etc. A study on face touching observed that their research participants touch their face 0.5 to 3 times per minute. That’s a lot of opportunities for germs and bacteria on your hands to enter your respiratory system through your mouth and nose, which increases your chances of getting sick.

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