Carpet Cleaning: How To Master The Right Way

Carpets add character to a room, whether they’re plain or patterned. They tie the room together. With synthetic as the more affordable choice, natural carpets tend to be more expensive with their oriental designs.

A clean carpet at home has its benefits. They improve health, aesthetics, and more. Now that you’ve spent quite a good amount of money on your living room carpet, do you know enough about carpet cleaning?

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How to vacuum the right way

Dirt and dust mites live in your carpet. When you rarely vacuum, these particles pile on top of each other, pushing the older particles deeper into your carpet. If you only go over the carpet once when vacuuming, you only remove particles from the surface.

To remove the deeply embedded dirt, first vacuum vertically and against the fibers’ direction. Then, vacuum horizontally. These two steps help agitate the dirt clinging to the fibres, making them easier to be sucked into your vacuum.

Moreover, before vacuuming, remove any small objects from the carpet surface. This will prevent damages to the mechanical part of your vacuum. Additionally, if you’re planning to clean your whole home, dust higher placed items like the curtain, etc. before making your way to the carpet. This makes your vacuuming efforts more efficient as you don’t have to do it twice.

Create a schedule and stick to it

If vacuuming is your least favourite part of cleaning, it might be time to change your behaviour with the chore. Start with creating a schedule that’s best for your home.

At the absolute least, aim to vacuum once a week. However, if you have pets or someone in your home has allergies to dust mites, you need to vacuum daily. For carpets that experience high traffic, i.e. it’s located near the front door, vacuum twice a week. 

If the health and cleanliness standard of your home is not enough to get you to pick up that vacuum hiding in the corner, make a reward system for yourself. Additionally, you can invest in a robotic vacuum. This way, you don’t have to lift a single finger, just make sure to charge it after using it. 

Keep your vacuum clean

Do you clean out your vacuum every time after use? Well, it’s time you do. Vacuums, bagged or bagless, suck up dirt, dust, and dead hair particles.

When it’s overloaded, you end up with a low powered vacuum with poor suction. You’d spend more time vacuuming, with lower effectiveness. Empty out your vacuum after every use, and clean it according to the manufacturer’s guide every now and then. Additionally, change out the filter when it’s time. The lifetime of one filter typically ranges from 6 months to a year.





React immediately to stains

Accidents and spills happen. What you do next and how quickly are what matters. When you spilled something, it is important to clean it immediately. Leaving spills uncleaned will let the liquid soak into the carpet fibres. The stain will then become permanent, making it impossible to remove. Permanent stains all over your carpet is not a good sight to see.

Here are some tips to follow when cleaning stains:

  • Carefully soak up as much as possible of the spilled liquid with a clean towel.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, test them on the edge of your carpet to make sure the chemicals won’t damage or discolor your carpet.
  • Never rub the spill; this will encourage the liquid to bond with the fibres.
  • When applying spot treatments, work from the outside of the stain toward the inside. This will prevent you from spreading the stain.

Instead of buying stain removers at the store, consider making them at home! You may already have the ingredients at home.

Remove dents by moving your furniture

Though this step is not about carpet cleaning, it helps make sure your carpet lasts long. If your carpet is placed under furniture, move your furniture occasionally to alleviate the dents. Moreover, you can purchase furniture coasters if you don’t feel like moving your heavy furniture more than once a year.

Another way to ensure your carpet stays in good condition, protect them from prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Sunlight on carpets will make them appear dull.


Deep clean your carpet

Professionals recommend deep cleaning your carpets at least once a year. CleanHero’s carpet cleaning service guarantees complete removal of deeply embedded dirt, dust mites, and bacteria. We also provide spot and stain treatment services.

Our new carpet pickup and delivery service is currently only available in Klang Valley. For more info regarding our new service, click here.

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